Company Milestones

1988   Founded Azure Shine International Inc. 

1990   Portable antenna was certified by BSB.

1992   Cooperated with Toshiba.

1994   Cooperated with NEC.

1996   Cooperated with Mitsubishi.

1998   Recognized by Australian CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization).

1999   Granted patent of rolled in edge for antenna.

2000   Completion of developing the “V-WATER” machine.

2001   OEM cooperation with Hitachi .

2002   Established branch company “V-WATER”.

2003   Expanded factory and renewed equipments and machines.

           ISO 9001 UKAS certified.

2005   Developed OMT & Feed horn.

           VSAT antenna: Got the GVF qualification.

           Developing series of elliptical antenna.

2007   IntelSat / GVF type approval VSAT Antenna.

2009   Qualification of Pre-type approval for VSAT antennas to Eutelsat type approval.

2010   Granted patent-Mechanism for universally adjusting orientation of antenna. 

2011   Granted patent-Antenna direction regulating mechanism.

2012   Taken out a patent for a new invention of Filter  Unit.

2013   Azure Shine headquarters groundbreaking ceremony.  

2014   Taken out a patent for a new invention of Antenna system for satellite lock-on and method for operating the same.

    Eutelsat type approval VSAT Antenna.

2016   Azure Shine's new headquarter inauguration

2017   Variety of antenna models are planned for Eutelsat antenna type approval

2018   Eutelsat type approval 75cm VSAT Antenna